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I make videos because I love it. Help me entertain you.

Making a living whilst producing video content is hard. I don’t make a great deal from YouTube advertising and so balancing the creation of videos against working a full-time job can be tricky. I work as a freelance voice actor, writer and designer in the real world so a great deal of my time is spent sourcing new work, and that doesn’t always leave a lot left for YouTube. There’s a whole host of things I’d like to improve about my videos (from buying equipment to raise quality, to games to make new series’ with) and all of this costs money.

In the past my viewers have wanted to help out where they can and have asked me if I have any sort of paid subscription or donation options. I didn’t, until now. I never really liked the idea of asking for money for doing something I loved. But since this is starting to take off - meaning i’m devoting more time and resources to the channel and away from conventional paid work, coupled with being asked more and more, I thought i’d put this page up for those interested and see if this could be the start of me creating content on a much more full-time basis. That means more stuff for you, and more fun for us all.

There’s a few options below, all of which help support the channel immensely. So hopefully there’s an option that suits you. If you do decide to go for one, I’m thanking you already.

SEND ME MONEY - make a one-off donation of however much you like.

BUY ME A GAME - check out my Steam wishlist to see what I’m interested in covering.

BUY YOURSELF A GAME - using my referral link to you’ll get your games cheaper than you would elsewhere and help me out.

Thank you ever so much for all your kindness and encouragement over the years.

Without you guys, Things We Play would be nothing.

 - Mike