Things We Play started life as video game podcast. Released weekly, the show was produced by Mike Oldman, and saw Mike along with regular guests Shaun Hart and Joe Tanetta sit down to discuss the games they’d been playing, newest releases and the latest gaming news. The podcast ceased production in late 2014 due to scheduling issues and shortly after the Things We Play youtube channel was born.

Like Leonardo, Mike’s often the glue that holds TWP together. Though he clearly hates both of his co-stars. Mike has worked in the games industry in a ton of different ways from journalist to PR to developer. Most notably he worked on Batman: Arkham Asylum and Just Cause 2, where he even has a car named after him. Nowadays Mike can be found regularly uploading Things We Play videos to our YouTube channel.

Follow him on twitter @videosaur

Like Raphael, Shaun is the ‘hard’ man of the group and never afraid to give a game a good old fashioned kicking if it so deserves. He’s an artist (and a bloody good one at that) and spends far too much money and time making his Xbox avatar look good. These days Shaun is a stalwart Xbox One owner, having invested far too much time and effort into his gamerscore. Occasionally he features on our video channel.

Like Michaelangelo and the rest of the gang, Joe eats a LOT of pizza. He’s a massive gamer, into guns, rpgs, guns and more guns. He sometimes’s gets a hard time on the show due to the fact he’s the youngest of the group, but this has led to him being the star of his own segment: Educating Joe. Joe’s current whereabouts are unknown.